It is important to know:

We are obliged to draw your attention to the following points in the selection rules, because currently there are horses on the market, that do not meet registration requirements.
In particular, we emphasize that the lines, sire and dam, of Shagya Arabians must be granted to horse farms Arabian public and private of the monarchy Austria-Hungary.
Ask in every case, before buying an Shagya Arabian, the registrar of your association recognized by the ISG.

In the definition of rules of reproduction of the ISG we found in article 2. breed description, target selection and registration requirements, as described below:
The Shagya Arabian is the development on an international basis of pure breed, ie with the studbooks of national breeding associations closed, of the "Araber-Rasse" of Hungarian and Austrian studs Bábolna, Mezöhegyes and Radautz. Breeding purposes is a large framed Arabian horse, just as elegant riding and driving horse for everyone.
The aim of breeding is sought on the method of pure breed. Genes of thoroughbred Arabian horse population are possible.
Recordable are horses that meet the breeding program, ie:
whose origin, paternal and maternal, may be reduced to the Arabian horse farms, public or private of the monarchy Austria-Hungary, and are enrolled or eligible for registration in a studbook recognized by the ISG.
their ancestors corresponding to the above conditions, if the sir or dam is usually an thoroughbred Arabian recognized by WAHO,
which corresponds to the requirements of these rules of reproduction. For exceptions decides the ISG.
which correspond to the conditions a) and b) and, in the fourth generation at least 7 of 16 Shagya Arabian ancestors, then the registration is made in the respective division, or
which correspond to the conditions a) and b) and, in the 4th generation are less than 7 of 16 Shagya Arabian ancestors or are thoroughbred Arabian, when recording is done in the annex to the respective division.
e) for mares and stallions thoroughbred Arabians are the requirements and powers the same as the Shagya Arabians.

By following a list of horses known, that do not meet the above conditions!

We urge the BOARD of associations ISG, to inform
us about such horses, so they can be listed here. pfeil    
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zu Shagya Csipet, 1996 - Sh961640000
zu Toponár bred

zu ZENITA(BG) Shagya, Femelle Gris 2000